Your Guide to Sustainable Events and Exhibitions

Your Guide to Sustainable Events and Exhibitions

Your Guide to Sustainable Events and Exhibitions

Events and exhibitions are a vibrant and essential part of our global economy, bringing people together to share experiences. But we can't ignore their impact on the environment. Annually, the events industry generates 15 billion tons of C02 emissions - similar to a small country. Every flight taken by delegates, every lightbulb switched on in a hotel and every exhibition booth built contributes to the environmental footprint. So what can we do to reduce the damage we're doing? Well, today, the best event management companies understand the importance of sustainability to the future of exhibitions and events. That means there are always opportunities to make more environmentally friendly choices when we're organizing, managing, attending or exhibiting at events. Therefore, from green travel and accommodation options to booth design and event execution, we have accumulated some tips for reducing the environmental impact of your event strategy.

Can Sustainable Events Really Make a Difference?

Absolutely it can! Every event management company, event organizer and exhibitor have a part to play in reducing the impact of climate change. Taking small but positive steps towards creating sustainable exhibition designs, event technology, sustainable booths, and working more closely with virtual events are great ways for any exhibition company to do its bit. Simple choices like what materials to use or what contractors to work with can have a noticeable impact on an event’s environmental footprint. So, let’s start by looking at some of the areas where we can make a difference.

Sustainable Attendee Experience

Creating a sustainable event experience for your visitors means curating green and environmentally friendly opportunities at every touchpoint. This starts with travel and accommodation choices based on availability of green transport, and partnering with lodging providers that follow sustainable practices. Events Technology plays a pivotal role in offering a paperless event experience to your guests, thanks to the availability of digital tools and platforms that manage communications, maps, and schedules. Much of this can be handled through your event app – a critical tool when it comes to improving the eco-credentials of your event. Just as important as the high-tech elements are the simple things, like accessible and easily identified recycling and waste management facilities. Your attendees feel at ease because they know they’re getting rid of their waste sustainably, and their presence underscores the event’s commitment to eco-friendliness. You can also consider local, seasonal, organic and ethically produced options for catering and refreshments.

Sustainable Booths and Exhibits

Making ethical choices in the manufacturing and operation of your event booth or exhibit sends a clear message about your business’s commitment to sustainability. Materials should be durable and up to the task, but also have minimal environmental impact. Sustainable booths can be constructed from recycled or reclaimed material, reducing waste and creating an environmentally aware aesthetic. If your booth or exhibit is modular, meaning it can be reconfigured and repurposed for multiple events, this can have long-term benefits for your environmental footprint.

Sustainable Technology

Another great way to minimize the damage done to the environment by your event activations is to think about the event technology you’re using. You can use energy-efficient devices and displays as well as consider the use of renewable energy sources. LED lighting not only uses much less power than conventional lighting, but also cuts down on waste created by dead bulbs. This can help shine a light on your commitment to sustainable events! If you really want to be imaginative, you can think about using virtual and augmented reality technology. Constructing a virtual environment has a far lower environmental footprint than constructing a real one and can provide experiences that are on a whole new level for your attendees. And of course, while we all love meeting people face-to-face at events, offering virtual event options means you still have a chance to connect with people who simply can’t justify the environmental impact of travelling.

Educate and Engage

This is probably the most important one of all! Use the opportunities provided by your event and exhibition projects to connect and engage with your customers and audience. Today, responsible businesses don’t only focus on reducing the environmental impact of their own operations, but also the "downstream" impact caused using their products and services. Events can be an awesome opportunity to explain how customers can make their own sustainable choices and reassure them that they’re making an environmentally-sound choice by doing business with you.

The Business Benefits of Sustainable Events

Sustainability isn’t just about saving the planet (although that's nice). It's also about learning how to gain real business benefits from adopting more efficient and less wasteful solutions at eco-friendly events. Steps like those mentioned above create real environmental benefits but also slicker attendee experience, leading to better interaction and engagement with customers. Switching to electric vehicles for transportation to, from or around events cuts emissions but also leads to lower fuel bills and maintenance costs. Similarly, using recycled and responsibly sourced materials, and modular construction methods, has long-term cost benefits over the alternative choices. We also know that consumers are increasingly basing buying decisions on a company’s green credentials, and large companies are expecting environmental commitments from businesses that hope to partner with them or become suppliers. These are less tangible but still very valuable benefits that can be gained by making sustainable events and exhibition choices

Sustainable Events Services by Buzznation

Buzznation offers a range of sustainable options across its exhibition booth design, event management and event technology services. We work with the best and most responsible vendors in the world to make sure our customers have the opportunity to make ethical and environmentally friendly choices at every step of the journey. Talk to us today about how we can help ensure your event strategy is playing its part in the fight against environmental damage and climate change.