Introducing our Virtual Exhibits and Booths

It isn’t always possible to get out and see our clients and customers face to face at the moment. And even once some semblance of normality has returned, in a world where business is increasingly global, the need to engage and interact remotely is only going to grow. 

Websites are great and have served their purpose for many years, and apps make sure we’re only a finger-length from our favourite brands and services. But they still offer an impersonal service and little in the way of a sense of occasion.  

If you’re looking for new ways to connect, that capture some of the magic and experience of virtual events, while also occupying a middle-ground between a website and a real-world touchpoint, take a look at our new virtual exhibit and booth service.  

A virtual exhibit can be anything you can imagine. If you want to meet with your customers and fans on a beach in Hawaii, or on top of Mount Everest, you can make that happen. If you’re looking for a sociable, always-on space where help is permanently on hand and visitors can share their experiences and stories with each other as well as with you, that can happen too. You can think of it as a customer service channel where you can engage and inform in new ways, or you could just think of it as a party that never ends.  

Here are a few ideas on how our virtual exhibits could be used: 

  • A retail showcase, where fashion labels display their key new season pieces, while fitters and sales staff are on hand to answer questions. Customers can even use AR to see how items look on them! 
  • A sports event merchandising booth, themed to look like you’re right there at the game. Teams can show off souvenirs and merchandising, while stars can make a special appearance to talk to the fans. Visitors can leave a video message to be played during the game, keep up-to-date with live highlights from social media or even kick back and enjoy a fan-centric live stream of the action.  
  • Virtual corporate offices, meeting spaces and training rooms – with all of the features of a virtual event platform such as video chat, on-demand content, networking and gamification.  
  • Brands in any industry can use a virtual exhibit to highlight new products and services as well as promotions, re-purposing their exhibit throughout the year to fit seasonal marketing strategies. Give influencers and superfans direct exposure to key messaging and reward loyalty with exclusive access, promotions and giveaways.   
  • Invite your most engaged fans to your beach bar or rooftop terrace to socialise and mingle as they gain brand exposure and opportunities to interact with you. Host giveaways or send out vouchers so they can have a drink or snack as they enjoy your content.  
  • Music fans can keep up with their favourite artists while they are touring with a live tour exhibit. They can watch highlights of previous shows, join in with livestreamed interviews and leave messages for their idols and for each other.  
  • Travel and tourism operators can create exhibits themed around resorts or regions – why not show off local cuisines, highlights visitors won’t want to miss, and spectacular imagery? Promote local businesses through your exhibit, upsell activities and excursions and let visitors see their rooms or meet and chat with their tour guides before they even embark on their journey. 
  • Manufacturers and wholesalers can make their latest stock the star of the show, and use their exhibit as an engaging and feature-rich environment to meet with buyers and show off their products. Explore and interact with “digital twin” products in 3D or join sales representatives for live video demonstration sessions.   
  • Embarking on a scientific journey of discovery or development? Invite your audience inside your laboratory, workspace or research vessel where they can meet the team, become educated on your mission and goals, and experience and learn hand-in-hand. 

Why a Buzznation Virtual Exhibit? 

Buzznation’s team has over 40 years’ experience in creating cutting-edge, technology driven exhibits and events. We have communication experts who will work alongside you to develop innovative new ways of connecting with your customers within immersive virtual environments, and tech experts who will ensure everything falls into place and runs flawlessly.  

Connect directly with your visitors and customers through live video, voice or text chat, either one-to-one or in groups.  

Visitors can simply jump into your exhibit from a social, email or weblink, with no requirement to register.  

Your exhibit can be always open or activated specifically when it is needed, as a platform for launches, promotions, showcases, fan gatherings, focus groups or thought leadership.  

Build in gamification and entertainment functionality to increase interaction and brand recall.  

Capture detailed data on visitor patterns and behaviour, fostering deeper understanding of your customers and what they need from you.  

We would love you to get in touch to discuss this hugely exciting opportunity to be an early adopter of this new marketing paradigm. Whatever your industry we will have ideas on deploying our virtual exhibits to meet your marketing ambitions. Please drop us a line today!  

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