Bringing the Magic and Glamor of Bollywood to Our Client’s Virtual Event

Bringing the Magic and Glamor of Bollywood to Our Client’s Virtual Event 

At Buzznation our keyword is “experience” and that’s what we kept at the front of our minds as we went about planning and managing an interactive Bollywood-themed spectacular for our client’s first-year anniversary and Diwali celebrations.  

With their workforce mostly remote due to the ongoing crisis, the brief was to create an event that could be experienced by the group together. In the past, the large tech clients’ London-based team have celebrated holidays and achievements together, reaffirming friendships and forging relationships with new acquaintances. With that not possible right now, the aim was to make up for the lack of social and recreational time spent together in recent months with a shared, sociable online experience.  

To achieve this, we teamed up with accomplished Bollywood dancer Juni Soni and her team at Tijo’s Dance Academy, Mumbai. Juni put together an all-singing, all-dancing interactive session that included several performances by her and her dancers, and also got the team on their feet to try out some moves of their own.  

One key thing that many of us have learned over the last year is that interaction is the number one ingredient when it comes to creating engaging virtual events. The opportunity for attendees to take part in an activity as it happens is what elevates the mundane and humdrum to become memorable and truly experiential. For this reason Juni was a great partner, with her focus on drawing the audience in and encouraging everyone at home to take part.  

Because the client wanted to invite their star workers to something a little more exotic than yet another Zoom conference call, the experience was delivered through a bespoke platform specially created by Buzznation for the event. This platform offered several features designed to encourage interactivity between attendees, the performers and the event management team.  

Building custom platforms for events is an option that we have seen become increasingly popular in recent months, as visitors express tiredness with templated and overly-familiar environments provided by some of the more commonly used conferencing and event platforms.  

The event was a great success, with attendees saying that they enjoyed the chance to take part in a fun and educational activity, as well as enjoy a world-class live performance. We are now embarking on several further projects with the client, which will also be centred around fun, togetherness and experience.  

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