Virtual Fundraising: 7 Simple But Effective Ways to Raise Funds Online

With more of our work, play and learning moving into the virtual space, it’s become more vital than ever for every businesses to understand this “new normal”.

One powerful use case that has emerged for online events is fundraising. Rather than just attracting audiences, some event managers have moved on to persuading them to open their wallets and contribute towards good causes or business opportunities.

Here are six simple but effective virtual fundraising ideas.

  1. Virtual Concert: The current situation has made creators and event organizers think differently, resulting in more interesting and exciting virtual events. One popular event format is virtual concerts. With everyone locked home, live music and online entertainment can be a very effective way to raise funds. Funds can be raised by charging an admission fee, donations, or selling merchandise.
  2. Online Contests: Online contests are fun, engaging, and interactive. They encourage people to engage with your event mentally or physically. Online contests to find the best dancer, best photographer or best artist give your audience the chance to show off their creative skills in front of an engaged audience. Charging a nominal fee for these contests can be a fun and different way to raise funds.
  3. Online Auction: Silent auctions are great for raising funds with a purpose. A charity auction can foster a competitive spirit among a group of people who have signed up to support a cause. This competitive spirit can help you achieve your fundraising goal, and entertainment can be provided alongside the auction itself to add to the fun.
  4. Social Media Takeover: Irrespective of the type or purpose of the event you are organizing, a social media take over can be a great way to raise funds. This is a situation where you directly approach a corporate, explain the idea behind your event, and ask whether they would allow you to “take over” their social media accounts for a day or two. In simple terms, social media takeover is about getting sponsorship from corporate or local businesses. A social media takeover can help the corporate expose their brand to a new set of audiences and delight their current followers. You are helping the business by creating unique and engaging content for them. It’s a win-win for you both.
  5. Teach a Skill: Lockdown has not only helped people discover some hidden talents, it’s also helped many of us realize the value of learning a new skill. This has led to many creators providing all kinds of online classes, workshops and tutorials that they can charge attendees for. The online classes can be on Yoga, cooking, dance, painting or anything else that can be demonstrated over a video call.
  6. Virtual Race: Virtual races are great for fundraising in multiple formats. One way is to conduct an actual race where participants are asked to complete a particular distance as a challenge. Everyone shares their results and the glory goes to the winner. However,  those who are not up to sweating it out might prefer a “no sweat race,” where individuals or groups contribute towards a fundraising goal, and when they hit their target, they’ve reached the finish line.

If you’re imaginative there can be just as many ways to raise funds through virtual events as there are through Physical events. A well-planned virtual fundraiser has the potential to reach a broad audience, wherever they are living in the world.

 Irrespective of what type of virtual event you would use for fundraising, remember one thing that, the more the audience connects with your event’s purpose, the more effective your fundraising would be. You can always take professional help if you want to host a virtual fundraising event and make sure it’s a success.

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